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Becca Powers

Becca Powers is an award-winning Fortune 500 hi-tech sales executive achieving 7 president’s clubs. She has a 20+ year sales career working for large companies like Cisco, Dell, and Office Depot. In her largest role, she was a Sales Director with 110 sales staff and a $500 million annual sales goal. Becca is the Founder and CEO of Powers Peak Potential, a consulting and coaching company, committed to helping high achievers and high-performance sales teams obtain skyrocketing success without sacrifice. Becca intimately knows the struggles that have come as a cost to her high achievements. Through nearly losing it all: her sanity, her health, and her most precious relationships, Becca was forced to discover a more supportive and sustainable path to success that she now teaches to others. 

Becca is also a kundalini yoga teacher and executive life coach with specialties in shadow beliefs and trauma-awareness that she incorporates into her work. Becca learned that the saboteur cycles that the success-driven often experience are rooted in our limiting beliefs. Becca believes if you can have positive shifts in your perspectives, your entire life will shift with it. Resulting in a life that thrives professionally and personally.   In 2021, Becca became a best-selling author with her debut book, Harness Your Inner CEO - Rise into Passion, Prosperity, and Empowerment. Becca is married to her husband, Jeremy, a Lieutenant in the fire service. Together they raised a blended family of 4 kids - 2 hers and 2 his -  all 4 kids are young adults now. Becca lives with her husband with their 3 dogs in South Florida.

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